EMSETECH - Electronics & Mobility Expo

EMSETECH, the International Consumer Electronics, Electric Mobility, Sports Equipment and Energy Technology Trade Fair is Romania's leading technology event.

The latest technological innovations, new products and services are presented at EMSETECH in the following areas: International Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Trade Fair, International Electric Mobility Trade Fair, International Connectivity and Digital Transformation Trade Fair, International Automation and Robotics Trade Fair, International Manufacturing Supply and Sub-Supply Trade Fair, International Indoor and Outdoor Sports Equipment Trade Fair, International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technology Trade Fair.

Mobile Devices, Robots, Motor Vehicles, Home Appliances, Bicycles and Scooters, Energy Technology and Equipment, Sports Equipment, Aircrafts, Watercrafts, Railed Vehicles, Networks & Infrastructure, Supply and Sub-Supply are the main topics at EMSETECH.

The complete list of topics is available at https://emsetech.intradefairs.com/topics.

For participation and registration please access https://emsetech.intradefairs.com/registration.